5PCS Anti-Fogging Nose Pad For Mask


Foggy glasses are more than an annoyance – they can lead to dangerous situations with the temporary blindness!

No More Awkward Foggy Glasses! Grab Yours Now!

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Anti-Fogging Nose Pad For Mask is definitely the best invention of 2021 for glasses wearers! It helps to prevent warm air from clouding your view! The warm breathe can be redirected to the sides of your mask and vented away naturally. No more fogging & blurry vision!

This nose pad is made of durable ultra-soft rubber that can snugly fit with all nose shapes. Just insert it into your mask and it will make breathing with a mask so much easier! Suitable for doctors, nurses, scientists, businessmen, construction workers, teachers, and all glasses wearers.


No More Foggy Glasses

This nose bridge is designed for glasses wearers to prevent glasses from fogging. It vents away warm air from your breathe and provides you with a clear vision.

Extra Comfort

It can alleviate the discomfort at the nose bridge caused by friction when wearing a mask. It also helps to increase the space of a mask and makes respiration freer & easier.

Easy To Apply

Simply place this nose pad between the face mask and nose bridge to redirect warm air out of your mask. It can be applied to all types of masks.

Snug Fit For All

Compared with PP plastic, our nose pad is made of ultra-soft rubber sponge which is more comfortable on skin & can easily contour to any nose shape.

Wide Applications

This nose pad is a truly useful invention for the one who don’t want to be bothered by foggy glasses, such as doctor, nurses, scientists, businessmen, construction workers, teachers, etc. Ideal for everyday wear.


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